About The PEA GREEN BOAT E-zine

PEA GREEN BOAT was launched on stormy seas.


Six years ago, I started hearing about something called a ‘zine -- a self-published, special interest magazine usually printed using a copy machine. Profit is not the primary concern with ‘zines; and generally, circulation is less than 5,000 copies, with most editions having a run of less than 1,000 copies.


What I found so intriguing and exciting about the ‘zine concept, is the complete independence the project allows. When I started digging into the history of ‘zines, I discovered that many ‘zine historians look to Thomas Paine and Benjamin Franklin as prototype ‘zinesters.  As a journalism student and ardent free press advocate, Paine and Franklin were my literary heroes.


I added “Create a ‘zine” to my bucket list and forgot about it. Until a few years ago when I learned I had a heart problem. That is the moment when PEA GREEN BOAT came into being.


I contacted my many talented, creative, generous friends and ask them to send me something to include in my e-zine. I still spend my every waking moment looking for new and interesting things to share with others -- seriously, it drives my husband crazy!


So far we have released four issues:



And the feedback we've received has been better than positive! 


So keep your fingers crossed. We're moving forward.